Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Demolition of Stainforth Court?

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On the main drag into Hobart are a series of 1960s highrise buildings known as Stainforth Court. They are the topic of debate at the moment with the Housing Minister putting forward ideas, including demolition of these 1960s buildings.

It amuses me that housing residences such as Stainforth Court in Hobart are proposed to be demolished (Mercury, December 15) This kind of ideology puts the blame on the buildings themselves, but doesn't tackle the complex and ongoing issues that effect those that need housing.

Simply demolishing and starting again doesn't tackle the real issues such as unemployment, drug and alcohol issues and good access to transport for the people of Stainforth Court. In a city such as Hobart that is growing the demand for housing is going to increase, and tower blocks such as Stainforth Court can help in offering part of the solution to housing.

Rather than the State Government attempting to look as if they are solving housing problems by demolishing Stainforth Court, Housing Minister, Lin Thorp, should sit down and discuss the real issues surrounding the needs of the people that live there. It's easy to blame buildings that are thought to be unfashionable , but to simply rebuild something new doesn't tackle the real issues of fixing the social and economic issues facing people who desperately need housing.

There are currently 85 units at Stainforth Court, where are the people going to find new housing if they are demolished? From an environmental point of view, demolition of these numerous tower blocks would be a waste of materials, and come at a large cost, undoubtedly running into the millions.

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  1. I am really interested in Stainforth and what it must be like for those who live in such a forgotten place. In fact I had no idea it was even called Stainforth until the recent proposed demoloition. During my whole life in tassie it has been a place never talked about and I always had troube wondering why no-one has any information regarding the place, other than it was one of the last places apart from prison that one would want to live in. I personally think it has been ignored by Tasmanians, but how would we feel if we ended up in a situation where it was the only option.


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