Monday, March 8, 2010

CH Smith Complex - Heritage listed, but still an eyesore

The impressive Art Deco Facade (right) that forms part of the CH Smith Complex

The CH Smith Complex recently gained heritage listing, but to this day the site and its range of Georgian and Art Deco buildings remain in a neglected and deteriorating state. The cordial factory at the rear of the complex may be one of Launceston's oldest buildings, but looking at the boarded windows, large sections of missing slate roof, and doors busted open its future remains uncertain. The same neglect also continues for the impressive Art Deco facade.

The Cordial Factory, one of Launceson's oldest buildings.

Heritage status alone isn't going to address the practical realities of a complex that needs saving for its historical and architectural values. Whilst it's important that buildings have heritage status, unless there are more powers and/or funds to protect these buildings then they are destined to be lost forever.


  1. It's a shame these buildings have been left for so long in this state, but every time a proposal to redevelop the site comes up it only seems to invite massive disapproval from the local community. Mind you, while I did find the 'skybridge' a bit dicky, it would have been nice to see the building receive some TLC.

    Great blog, good to see a largely ignored section of Tasmania's architecture in the spotlight (I work in Henty House, the Vogon Cruiseship).

  2. Yes, a shame to see this great site in a state of decay (much like many other Tasmanian Modernist buildings). I didn't mind the idea of a sky bridge myself, I think it would have better connected the city to the waterfront area, because as it stands now, the area is cut off from the highway.


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