Monday, March 29, 2010

Queenstown Central Primary School - Abandoned School #1

This abandoned and vandalised building was the former Queenstown Primary School. The building stands empty and in a state of ruin and has been so for many years now. A local had told me that the school children were moved and integrated into the nearby High School. This is 1 of 2 schools that are abandoned in Queenstown.
The main entrance and facade has fascinating Art Deco features including port hole windows, motifs and and doors. At each end of the building are staircases that allow access to the second story. It is these staircases that have smartly been designed so as they curve out from the main wall. These 2 curves at either end of the building are both functional, allowing for space inside the rectangular shaped building to be maximised, whilst adding a feature to that is unmistakably Art Deco in style.

The front fence is built in concrete and has a simple but effective indented line running through it with curved sections to complement the art deco building. What is often beneficial from a historical perspective about many modernist buildings is that they often have plaques on them notifying things such as the date of construction and/or who opened the building. Often it was opened by the Premier or someone 'official' of the day.

Hidden amongst the rubbish and long grass is a plaque that informs us that Premier Ogilvie officially opened the school in 1938. Oglivie was instrumental in seeing the construction of many wonderful modernist buildings in Tasmania. It is great to see the plaque and to imagine that in 1938 he stood on this spot and declared the school open. I wonder if he or the original teachers, children and locals would have though that 70 years later it would be in an abandoned and ruined state?

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  1. It seems like an absolute crying shame that this building cannot be recycled and put to use again. What are the city fathers of Queenstown thinking???


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