Tuesday, August 3, 2010

University of Tasmania - Engineering Building Block #1

This section of the Engineering Block (pictured above) was one of the the earliest buildings to be erected at the new Sandy Bay campus. This section of the Engineering Building is akin to an industrial factory of the same period, with its large expanse of glass windows and steel frame windows, with green painted timber panels above the large series of windows. The roof is designed in what is referred to as the saw-tooth style.

Whilst not a high building, the glass panel facade can be considered an early example of glass curtain wall design.  As future posts will highlight, UTAS boasts a large number of glass curtain wall designed buildings.  UTAS can lay claim to being the first in Hobart, and indeed Tasmania to employ the design.

What will become apparent thorough this special look at the University Buildings is the extensive use of coloured glass and/or concrete.

The windows of this section of the Chemistry Block are tinted different shades of blue which is simply fascinating to view and photograph.  Industrial buildings around Tasmania that you can see this design in are found in buildings such as the former Burnie Paper Mill

Source: Archives Office of Tasmania: PH30-1-3607
In the photograph above, the second building to the left is the Student Union Building, already erected. The building on the opposite side of the road is the shell of the Chemistry Building going up, and behind that is the the section of the Engineering building featured in this blog entry being built.  The text in the photograph states that a new University is being constructed at the cost of 3 Million Pounds.

 This photograph (above) highlights the use of coloured glass against transparent glass to great effect.

Close up view of the Engineering Workshop entrance that highlights the elaborate use of glass

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