Wednesday, September 1, 2010

University of Tasmania Christ College #6

Christ College (1960) is perched on the highest point of the University of Tasmania campus, and was built for student accommodation and is still used for this purpose today. It is regarded as one of the most important post war series of buildings of Tasmania. The views from site take in Hobart City and the River Derwent, with Mt Wellington as the backdrop. It's a dramatic complex with an equally dramatic setting.

It was designed by Hartley, Wilson & Bolt. The firm designed many wonderful examples of mid 20th century Architecture in Tasmania, and their architectural legacy has been largely undervalued which is a shame, because they designed a very large number of modernist buildings in Hobart that have helped shape and contribute to Hobart's identity.

As you ascend up the winding road towards Christ College you are surrounded by gum trees on either side and then the vast complex greets you. There have been more recent accommodation buildings (early 2000s) added to the site, but the vast majority of the original 1960s design remains.

The main entrance certainly makes a statement and the use of non painted breeze block work is deliberate by the architect. Whilst the complex may look quite imposing from the outside, Once you enter the main entrance the complex, and enter into the heart of the complex, the site takes on a more human and communal scale.

Look out in the future on Art Deco & Modernism Architecture Tasmania for a special series that explores the buildings of Hartley Wilson & Bolt.

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