Friday, October 22, 2010

Burnie Paper Mill Art Deco Buildings

The former Burnie Paper Mill (closing down only a few months ago) is a massive complex, and full of interesting Art Deco and Modernist industrial designed buildings.

There are several Art Deco designs throughout the complex, including this building pictured. Perhaps a cafe? Does anyone know the buildings original purpose?

The former mill site and Burnie has many examples of post war design and it's a town well worth visiting to take in it's Industrial and commercial post war heritage.

At the time this photograph was taken, the mill was still in operation and this building even then was boarded up and abandoned.

To view my photographic essay on the former Burnie Paper Mill click here


  1. My mother used to work at the mill - as did pretty much the rest of her family - so I sent her this link and asked what the building was.

    It seems you are correct, she says "That picture is the old canteen at Papermakers".

    I'm interested to hear that too, as I reckon I've walked past that building at least a hundred times! Mum still lives in Myrtle Crescent (just off Old Surrey Road) and tells me that she's enjoyed the series on the Mill very much.

    Might I add that I think that you're doing a great thing with this blog, and reckon that there is a decent coffee table book (or dare I suggest) Masters Thesis here!

  2. Thanks for your comments Kris. It's always great to hear from readers about the history of buildings, especially those that are at risk. Your mother must have a wealth of memories from her time working at the mill, thanks for sharing!


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