Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art Deco Home "Basro" - Launceston

This delightful home has influences from the Art Deco Bungalow style and English cottage style and is what I like to refer to as the earlier period of the art deco movement, as opposed to the Streamline period.

Many of the suburbs of Launceston,Hobart,Burnie and Devonport are filled with Art Deco & Modernist designs. This home retains its original timber window details and has interesting main entrance detailing which is off set well against the red brick.


  1. Hi Thomas,
    bungalow style and cottage style, by all means, but I cannot see much of the Deco influence here. I am glad the current owners preserved the main entrance and porch.

  2. Helen, don't mistake the period that it was built in with it's style. it could be argued that it is Bungalow Art Deco style, there are many different styles within a period and influences. It's easy to look back and put a building into a tight category. It is indeed Bungalow/cottage style, but it was designed in the Art Deco period of which it has influences.


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