Sunday, March 20, 2011

Launceston's Industrial Heritage worthy of Adaptive Reuse

Whilst the proposition to install wind turbines on the landmark wheat
silos is a visionary concept, I ask the Council, is anything being done to protect and adaptively reuse this building and the former Roberts Wool sheds?

It's interesting to witness the demolition of nearly every building along Lindsay Street for the flood levy redevelopment, but the silos and wool-sheds owned by the Council remain. Have they been left because of their historical significance?

Surely a visionary approach would seek to adaptivity reuse these historic buildings. The grain silo’s could make wonderful waterfront apartments, just look at Hobart's old Silos at Salamanca Place for inspiration. The Council could redevelop the land surrounding these historic buildings as a public space. These iconic 20th Century buildings are worthy of adaptive reuse and many uses could be found for them.

Integrate wind turbines onto the grain silos, but consider a real visionary approach that protects our 20th Century Industrial heritage and allows for a real connection between Launceston city, it's Industrial heritage and it's waterway.


  1. Wonderful photos and interesting post (as usual)

  2. It would be interesting to know how the grain silos could make wonderful waterfront apartments... the architectural solution is not immediately obvious :) Do you have a photo or two of Hobart's old Silos at Salamanca Place?

  3. The architectural solutions are many Helen! There are some great examples of reuse, one being the Hobart Silos as you pointed out.


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