Saturday, March 26, 2011

Metro Tasmania Bus Stops - A Mid 20th Century Design Treasure

Take a bus in Launceston or Hobart and chances are you will be waiting to be picked up by a Metro Bus at a stop similar to these pictured. These striking bus stops are a common design throughout Metro Tasmania bus stops. I love the first bus shelter pictured, as it has period concrete stairs beside it with that wonderfully function hand rail. The concrete has that gritty worn look to it that really emphasises the bus shelters.

They are probably not the first thing in peoples minds when they think about Mid 20th Century design, but it's the humble Metro Bus stop that really captures the imagination and has the Modernism stamp written all over it. Simple, clean and functional design with often angled corrugated iron that's painted, and angled flat roofing.

Most are painted a hue of green (as in the photo featured in this post) but there are some that have been painted in different colours. The colours wreak of pastel wonderfulness that was so popular in 1950s/60s design.

So the next time you are at a Metro Bus stop, have a good look at what your sitting on - Mid Century design is everywhere!


  1. I've always admired bus stops like this unfortunately there are not many left in W.A.

  2. You are right, The simple, functional design was fine, and the angled corrugated iron and angled flat roofing were smart.

    But they have been allowed to age without repair. Just repainting the iron and fixing up the broken concrete would be good.

  3. Thanks for your comments Helen and Kylie


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