Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scottsdale Art Deco - St Barnabas Hall

Scottsdale in Tasmania's North East is home to St Barnabas Hall designed in the Art Deco style and has several interesting and intriguing features. First up the "patterned" brick work was popular in Tasmania and can be seen on many buildings, especially residential buildings. Often this style of brick wasn't painted over.

Whilst the facade has been painted, if you walk around the side of the hall, you can witness it in all it's unpainted glory.

There is something not quite right about this hall. What I mean is, the main entrance looks as if it doesn't fit with the original 2 story facade. I could be wrong but it just looks out of place, something tells me it was a later extension. The aluminium windows may look good on a streamline 60s build, but they don't do anything for this building. It's amazing how much the original windows can create cohesion with this design. Then there are the port holes on the building, were these once windows, or were they always non-transparent?

The stepped detailing on the top of the building is very interesting as is the concrete butterfly effect at the bottom of window. Whilst Scottsdale doesn't have a lot of Modernist buildings, this Art Deco Hall is an interesting addition to the street-scape.


  1. not quite right sure about this hall but interesting to see, especially the last image! Happy Sunday

  2. Nice shots Thomas. A mysterious little building. I do like the unpainted bricks much better than the painted.

  3. I agree about those bricks: they look much more interesting without the paint.
    I really like the St Barnabas Hall lettering and all the little details in your 3rd 4th and 5th photos.


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