Friday, July 29, 2011

Art Deco building gets a second change......10 Murray Street approved for Demolition

The empty Government Printing Authority Art Deco building (1954), threatened with demolition as part of the proposed redevelopment need to be reconsidered by the tribunal.

Plans to demolish the former Art Deco Government Printing Office Building as part of the Parliament Square redevelopment in Hobart need to be reconsidered after the Supreme Court found that the tribunal didn't properly assess heritage and cultural values of the Art Deco building.

Meanwhile the landmark 1960s 10 Murray Street Government Office building, has been given approval for demolition.

10 Murray Street has been given approval for demolition. To view a photographic essay of 10M click here


  1. There's good news and then there's bad news. It's a shame we still haven't got our heads around the fact that 60s buildings need to be protected as well.

  2. Yes David, so many mid century buildings are at risk, and it's such a shame as they form part of our architectural and social history. If they are lost, part of our collective history and identity is gone forever.

  3. Such a shame about the Murray St building Thomas...brutalist buildings like this seem to be taking a while to win fans but I think they are just as important as older prettier ones.
    Great to hear the 50's building is still in with a chance though...fingers crossed.


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