Monday, August 15, 2011

Myer Department Store - Launceston

The Myer Department store is one of the tallest buildings in Launceston, and stands as a tribute to mid 20th Century design. The towering building highlights Launceston's commercial confidence in the mid 20th Century, with what was and still is a massive department store for a city of around 100,000. Since the tragic fire of the Hobart Myer Store, Launceston is the only store in Tasmania at present.

The smaller size photo doesn't do the scene any justice, to see a larger image of the above photo click here


  1. My store Myer. You are fortunate to have a Myer store. I suppose it is profitable.

  2. Hi Thomas

    what is that on top of the building? It might be just the workings of the shop (plumbing, air conditioning etc) or it might be accommodation. Do people live in the centre of town?

  3. The top of the building is home to the air conditioning/plumbing etc. See the concrete frames that jut out at the top of the buildings? There was once a restaurant at the top floor, what an amazing concept and design! The views would be amazing. There isn't a lot of inner city residential housing in Launceston which is a great shame, because many second levels of shops would make great residential apartments, and have the spin off of making the city a more vibrant place.


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