Friday, November 11, 2011

Hobart Commonwealth Bank - Orange Glass Curtain Wall

Check this wonderful example of glass curtain wall design in Hobart with its striking use of orange panelling  offset against transparent glass.  The building is home to the Commonwealth Bank and this example is a clear shift away from the use of brick and concrete that was seen prior to the 1960s in many Modernist buildings.

Here we gain a sense of lightness through the use of glass as the dominant feature and thin bands of concrete that draw the eye upwards and offset the abundant use of orange panelling.  As it's one of Hobart's taller buildings it stands out from many vantage points, but the use of vibrant orange probably also has something to do with it being noticeable.  The Commonwealth Bank Building and others like it that sprung up around Hobart during the 1960s and 1970s transformed the cities urban landscape.


  1. It's amazing what a bit of orange can do, and look at the reflection of the sky in the windows.

  2. Indeed Kyle, talking of reflections, in photo #1 in the centre of the image the reflection is of the iconic Art Deco clock tower of the T&G Building.

  3. Afraid it would have been demolished long ago if it was in Melbourne, and perhaps that would be a pity as there is so little of this type of building left. While it is not my favourite style, it deserves a place in our history, especially so as I live where one of such a building was demolished.

  4. Absolutely correct - use of brick and concrete did not give the same sense of lightness that glass walls give. Which in temperate climates is a shame.


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