Saturday, April 21, 2012

AT&M Marketing Building, Launceston - adaptive reuse of Industrial building

This area of Launceston was once occupied by many Industrial businesses and many of the buildings were designed in the Modernist style, including this one which is now being used by a marketing company.  It's great to see adaptive reuse with the facade of the building still telling the story of Modernist industrial design.  The steel frame windows, the concrete overhang and the flag mast in the left corner combine to make this an interesting example of Industrial design in Launceston.


  1. Nod... adaptive reuse is the important concept. I think you've nailed it. It would be a tragic waste to destroy a building when it can be easily reused for today's needs.

    However the streetscape still seems a bit plain. Would it be possible to plant a few trees in Launceston streets, in big pots if necessary. If trees are incompatible with the Modernist style, then outdoor coffee tables, public benches or... something.

  2. Indeed, I too believe there needs to be more trees on the street verges of Launceston. You only have to visit places like Melbourne or Brisbane to see how much trees are beneficial to cities. Another thing is getting locals to agree with such a concept- it could prove difficult because tree planting has occurred recently and it has caused much public debate!


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