Thursday, April 25, 2013

ANZAC Park Ulverstone - Mid Century design everywhere!

ANZAC park in Ulverstone has some fascinating structures, including 1970s spaceships!  I remember these kinds of play structures fondly growing up as a child.  They were in many local parks, until they suddenly disappeared, assuming due to "health and safety" issues...or maybe they took off to another planet!
Some time ago the spaceship was removed from ANZAC park and the 1930's bridge beside the park was demolished for a new bridge.  The tall spaceship was removed whilst the round one sat in the middle of construction, I thought the worst for both the spaceships.  Thankfully upon the reopening of the bridge the space structures returned and both had a lick of paint in which they were in desperate need of.  Sadly you can no longer climb the spaceships as they have been locked.  The park also got a makeover as well, with new grass and play equipment.
The park has a water feature and the dramatic memorial concrete staircase with work commending in 1968 and completed in 1970.  15,740 feet of reinforcing steel were used and 150 cubic yards of concrete.  Designed and constructed by the Ulverstone tourist and progress association 2,542 hours of labour given.  I like the dramatic sprawl of the stairs that leads your eyes down to the fountain and outwards to the Leven river.  The massive use of concrete in both the staircase and fountain optimise the Modernist period with the use of concrete a popular choice of building material.  I really like the entry arch and ANZAC logo are also nice design elements.
I have not seen the water fountain in operation before, it would be nice to know if it was operational again.  It was officially opened in 1973 and is of a dramatic and large size, fitting as you walk down the sprawling concrete staircase.

A very interesting park full of mid century design elements that make ANZAC park a worthy visit for any Modernist enthusiast!


  1. If I ever make it to the North of Tassie I am definitely checking out this park. While I love the rising sun anzac sculpture/sign, the staircase, the 'pond' (even fountainless) etc, it's that spaceship play equipment that has taken me back to my childhood Thomas. I remember climbing on one, very similar to the tall spaceship, in the 70's - I'm sure it had a slide coming from the top (a proper slide - not one of those boring plasticy safe ones!) Long gone now, and sadly probably never to make a reappearance - even locked up. I have told my husband about this because I remember it so fondly, now I can show him what it looked like. Thanks Thomas.

    1. I am glad this brought back memories for you as it does for me when I visit the park Kylie! Hope you can make it to Tasmania one day to check this wonderful park out:)

  2. Hey Thomas, have you seen this?

    1. Thanks for the link Kylie, wonderful find, I must check this park out when in Melbourne next! Thanks so much:)

    2. Hey Kylie, check this photograph I found out!

  3. G'day Thomas, I hope you don't mind me sharing the link to your page here about the rocket park in Ulverstone.
    I write a blog and the current entry is about unnecessary laws and control over public areas and equipment, all in the name of safety and some unlikely accident and litigation. This obviously annoys me a lot, and while it seems only children's "unimportant" play equipment, its the lofty minority who lord it over their contituents that get to me. For about a minute, but there it is.


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