Saturday, February 8, 2014

Former Queen Victoria Maternity Hospital - Launceston

This was the former 1960s maternity hospital in Launceston before maternity services were moved to the main Launceston General Hospital in the late 1990s.  With many of the buildings I photograph I scout for interesting vantage points to capture the building from as different perspectives as this can provide different interpretations and give the building context to its surrounding enivonment.  The building in the foreground was the first Modernist building on site in the art deco style, then some 30 years later the 1960s building was built, with another large building to the rear for nurse accomodation.  I always find it amazing how quickly a use for a building can come and go, especially with the 1960s building having only been used for its original use for some 30 years. 


  1. I was going to say, well I know which building I prefer. However, I don't mind the reddish brick building either. Does Tasmania have its own 50s and 60s brick colour?

    1. The red brick is fascinating and Tasmania does has its own mid century brick colour and texture too, very interesting. Both buildings are interesting in their own ways and are interesting examples of both their respective periods.

  2. Of course services change over time and architecture has to keep pace. But the proper response is to re-purpose the maternity hospital building, not desert the building altogether.


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