Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tasmanian sculptor Stephen Walker passes away.

It was with sadness that I heard the news of the passing of Tasmanian artist Stephen Walker. His sculptural works which spanned decades are dotted all over Tasmania are a joy to behold. I have an interest in his works as many were created in the period that I am passionate about documenting, Tasmanian 20th Century design. His works within an urbanised landscape provide another perspective in which to interpet our built enivonrment. A large number of his work are cast in bronze, and a wonderful example of this medium can be seen in his "rainforest" (above) sculpture located in Civic Square, Launceston, designed in as part of the Civic Square development (the entier Civic Square site is a wonderful example of 1970-80s design asthetic). His creativity will live on through his many inspiring creations throughout Tasmania, and will continue to provide enjoyment to all those who view them now and in the future.

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  1. Central Highlands Lodge noted that In Derwent Bridge, "the murals are carved out of rare Huon pine and feature panels five metres high, telling the stories of pioneering development of the harsh Central Highlands, beginning with the indigenous people, to timber harvesters, to pastoralists, to Hydro-electricity and mining". I truly loved it.

    But I thought the murals were by Greg Duncan, not Stephen Walker. Or did they work together?


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