Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy 2017 // Hobart IXL Jam Factory

Happy 2017!  I begin the Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism Project for the New Year with an image I created of the former IXL Jam Factory in Hobart, now part of the University of Tasmania campus.  I love scenes like this, empty and devoid of life; it allows me to capture the, beauty of architecture without distraction and allows me to dream about what one was and what might be. Whilst the building was designed in the early 20th Century I love to look at periods before Modernism in order to get a context of where things have evolved.  The precinct in which this building stands has and had many Modernist period designs so it tells a story of the site as a whole.

Whilst my posts have been lighter of late, rest assured I've been very busy continuing to make photographs of Tasmanian Modernism as well as research on my subjects.  With over a decade of photography (1000+ now form part of the project on my website) and research, the journey continues....

On other news I have made tweaks to the blog itself, hopefully making it more streamlined and presentable.  Let me know what you think of the subtle tweaks and how you are experiencing viewing the images.  There are just so many screen sizes and devices these days when creating content, its both mind boggling and interesting at the same time to find out how you are viewing my content.  Phone, tablet, PC?...

Happy 2017, 2016 was a wonderful year for my photographic endeavours, full of projects and experiences.  I am excited to bring you wonderful 20th Century architecture and design from Tasmania throughout 2017.


  1. Happy 2017. I normally only use the desktop for blog reading and all looks good at your site, though unless I comment, I normally just view it in my reader.

  2. Happy 2017 to you Andrew and thank you for your reply on it looking good on the desktop. There are so many different devices these days that its impossible to plan for all of them! I mainly wanted the photographs to be larger for those viewing on the desktop, sounds like it's worked all good.

  3. The functionality of the IXL factory far outweighs any decorative value that columns and sculptures could have added. No wasted internal spaces and lots of natural light. Perfect!


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