Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Devonport Hospital - A Modernist Gem in Ruin

The former DevonportMaternity Hospital designed in the late 1940's is yet another Tasmanian modernist gem that lay abandoned and vandalised. The above photo makes looks as if the entire building has been bombed with just about every window being smashed. There were plans in 2004 to convert the former hospital into a 65 room apartment, but nothing has materialised to this day. Ironically early this year there were discussions of converting it back to healthcare uses as a private hospital.

The most striking feature of the building is the sweeping arch facade with concrete balconies. The front arch then sweeps off at the rear to form a T shape.

There are so many modernist buildings that remain abandoned and vandalised in Tasmania. It is time that our modernist heritage be given the same recognition and support that many 19th century buildings have gained in Tasmania. If we lose buildings like the former Devenport Hospital, then we lose a connection to our collective history.

To view a photo essay of the Devonport Maternity Hospital click here

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  1. *sigh*.. what is the matter with your state and local governments? This fantastic building should have been converted in 2004, as planned, if not earlier. What a waste.


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