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This major photographic project documents 20th Century Modernism throughout Tasmania. Join me, Thomas Ryan, on a photographic journey as I document Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism through the camera lens. Art Deco, Inter-war, Post War, Brutalism,are just some of the styles I document in this fascinating period in Tasmania's built history.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Industrial Launceston

I was out and about this afternoon shooting some locations in wonderful stormy conditions. This is one of the images I made before it started raining. Check out other industrial buildings of Launceston and Tasmania on my website this ongoing project documenting Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/Index

Brutalist "City Block" facade at risk of facade demolition

The Brutalist style 'City Block' building facade in Launceston CBD is at risk of being demolished.  Read the full story here > http://www.examiner.com.au/story/2634185/redesigned-vision-for-city-block-building/?cs=95

My letter to the editor: Why does the facade of City Block (Examiner 18/10) need to be altered for what would otherwise be a positive business plan in the Launceston CBD?  City Block is one of just a few examples of Brutalist architecture in Launceston, with some others being Henty House Government offices and the ANZ bank.  Whilst the tourism and fashionable trend in the contemporary context is the obsessive protection of what is deemed as "old", we denying future generations the ability to look at our streetscapes that portray architecture from all periods of history.  We live but in a moment in time, yet buildings such as City Block visually portray a story of our built and social history.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Industrial Art Deco Launceston

Today's fresh edit - Industrial Art Deco Launceston. This is an early example of industrial design in Launceston. Rising early makes it all worth while when the light is great and there is no traffic! Check out the entire Tasmanian 20th century Modernism project on my website http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/Index

Monday, September 29, 2014

Henty House Government Office

The landmark Brutalist designed Government Office block "Henty House" in Launceston. Endless photographic possibilities with this wonderful building!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Staircase Project - Art Deco curves

Just edited this wonderful Art Deco staircase for the staircase project. Check this image and the entire project out in higher resolution on my website http://www.tryanphotos.com/Stairs/n-qB2fn/

Friday, September 26, 2014

Staircase Project hunting.....

Another packed day travelling to photograph staircases for my "staircase project" I guess its one way to keep fit, walking up and down those stairs to get the best angles! Check out the project and share if with your friends - http://www.tryanphotos.com/Stairs/n-qB2fn/

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Modernist Staircase Project Live!

My staircase photography project is finally live! So far there are 137 images in the gallery, but I've got many many more to edit and upload on what is an ongoing project > http://www.tryanphotos.com/Stairs/n-qB2fn/

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Launceston Mid Century Commercial building

I really enjoy photographing buildings from the period that are by in large in tact, this being one such example.  I also enjoy photographing buildings with the abscence of buildings surrounding them as it helps to direct the eye to the architecture and reminds me of seeing old photographs of when buildings were first built.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tasmanian sculptor Stephen Walker passes away.

It was with sadness that I heard the news of the passing of Tasmanian artist Stephen Walker. His sculptural works which spanned decades are dotted all over Tasmania are a joy to behold. I have an interest in his works as many were created in the period that I am passionate about documenting, Tasmanian 20th Century design. His works within an urbanised landscape provide another perspective in which to interpet our built enivonrment. A large number of his work are cast in bronze, and a wonderful example of this medium can be seen in his "rainforest" (above) sculpture located in Civic Square, Launceston, designed in as part of the Civic Square development (the entier Civic Square site is a wonderful example of 1970-80s design asthetic). His creativity will live on through his many inspiring creations throughout Tasmania, and will continue to provide enjoyment to all those who view them now and in the future.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mid Century Tasmanian Glass curtain wall architecture

I never tire of looknig up and photographing this commercial office block, I love the two seperate parts to the building, on different angles, several post war buildings I've photographed have been designed in this manner.  The vivid orange glass windows are hard to miss from whatever direction you look.  Works well in in a State thats bleak and cloudy for the good part of the year!

To view more commerical buildings in Tasmania I've photographed check out my website here 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Empress Towers - 1960s Hobart living

 Hobart has several tower blocks, with a good handful of them being residential complexes.  Whilst other Tasmanian cities and towns like Launcston and Burnie have their share of Modernist flats, it's in Hobart where you will find examples of tall tower blocks above above 3 levels.  The tallest building in Hobart is the Wrest Point casino but there are several commercial and residential blocks that hover around 10-12 levels, small in comparison to the mainland, but nonetheless highlight a Tasmanian story in the mid 20th Century.

Empress Towers (pictured) is located in Battery Point, and if you look into the history there were plans for a string of tower blocks dotted around the suburb that never eventuated.  At the other end of Battery Point where the suburb of Sandy Bay begins there are a few tower blocks dotted along the foreshore. These tower blocks give a visual history as to a plan that was never fully realised.

Contray to popular belief Battery Point has a wide mix of housing. Take a walk around and there is an amazing mix of 1800s, Federation, Art Deco and Post War architecture to be seen, an evolution of a suburb.  Empress Towers and other highrise blocks like it I find liberating in the sense that they open the opportunity for many to afford views of the vistas overlooking the river derwent or perhaps Mt Wellington to many people.  I always enjoy viewing Empress Towers as it ignites past ideas of housing, but has importance today with issues surrounding urban sprawl and the need for housing and being close to services.

View more residential homes in my new website by clicking here

Monday, June 2, 2014

Abandoned country town hall

This design is typical of many town halls throughout Australia and Tasmania. The front part of the building would date I imagine from the very early 1900s whilst the rear addition would be mid 20th century. This hall was part of a complex that included a Modernist church.  Check out other civic buildings and more in my 20th Century Tasmanian galleries on my website at http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/Index

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Staircases from the 20th Century Project

Here is another preview from my project "Staircases from the 20th Century". I've walked up and down so many stairs over the years to photograph this overlooked part of our built history. I look foward to bringing you the project soon!