Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marsden Flats - Art Deco Launceston

Marsden Flats are one of the larger set of units in Launceston. Designed in the late 1930s is stands opposite another deco landmark, the Lido Apartments. The period features are numerous and include the main red brick fence (see photo below), the detailing throughout the building facade that includes the main entrance portico. Other fascinating features are the triple bay garages. One of the garages stands beside Marsden (see photo below), whilst the other is at the rear of the complex.

As urban sprawl becomes more of an issue in many of our cities, buildings such as Marsden are a timely reminder of how unit dwellings can play a vital role in easing urban congestion and sprawl. Looking to our recent modernist past can help us progress into the future.

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