Thursday, April 1, 2010

Royal Derwent Hospital/Willow Court Future Remains Unclear

Ward E main facade, designed in the late 1930s- Upon viewing the Modernist facade of Ward E, it's hard to not be impressed by it's sheer size and symmetry. The other wards that surround it are as impressive too.

In another twist to the ongoing issues surrounding the adaptive reuse of the former Royal Derwent Hospital site, it has been reported that there have been no successful bids for the purchase of the oval and/or 1930s buildings. If this his latest news is correct it leaves the site in limbo.

If there are no buyers in the immediate future there needs to be some kind of party to work alongside with an Architect to clean up and secure the buildings. There are 3 impressive modernist buildings that form part of the oval precinct, all of which highlight changes in health care facilities in the 20th century.

The rear staircase that connects wards D & E

Impressive Art Deco and Modernist functionalist features are apparent in all the buildings and their sheer size is immense. To lose these magnificent Modernist buildings as a result of further decay and vandalism would be a tragedy for the architectural and social landscape of the Royal Derwent Hospital and for Tasmania.

To view a photo essay of the former Royal Derwent Hospital complex click here

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  1. I agree mate, Working Bee's are somthing that is definatly going to happen.


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