Saturday, January 1, 2011

Art Deco Apartments - St Alva Hobart

What a wonderful location for this Art Deco Apartment block, and for the first post of 2011. The building is located on the River Derwent, Hobart. From the main road that is directly behind these series of photos, there is no clue of what is beyond a rather plain looking main entrance. That's until you view the Art Deco flats from the the river frontage. These views from the waterfront give great views of the St Alva and Mt Wellington in the background. The sweeping balconies are typical of the period, and only 1 has been boxed in, the rest remain in the original open state. All of the windows are in tact as well. There are many Art Deco and Post War apartment blocks in Hobart.To view examples of Hobart Art Deco & Modernist flats and other Modernist buildings check my Hobart Photography repository here


  1. Lovely apartments, as you say, from the river. I was looking at my Hobart photos the other day and was momentarily confused by that plain entrance.

  2. The design was gorgeous and the location even better. Who could ask for more! Do we know who the architect was, and what date the building was started?

    Happy 2011 :)

  3. Wow! That is a spectacular building and location!! Thanks for sharing!

    The Ultimate Guide to Art Deco:


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