Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Heritage Hope for Deco Delight - Letter to the Editor

The C.H Smith Building (right) is a is a wonderful industrial Art Deco building and has been abandoned for decades

The Tasmanian Heritage Council has a lot of questions to answer about the lack of protection of Tasmania's architectural history. The recent announcement that the Heritage Council approves of the demolition of an iconic Art Deco Building in Hobart that forms part of the Parliament Square redevelopment (24/12), but was listed by the Heritage council wreaks of double standards and doesn't leave any confidence in a department that is meant to protect our built heritage.

The list is endless in regards to buildings that need urgent assessment. 10 Murray Street, The former Royal Derwent Hospital, C.H Smith complex, The Burnie Paper Mill, and the former Queenstown Primary School are all wonderful examples of Art Deco and Modernist Architecture that are at risk and the Tasmanian Heritage Council fails to protect.

There are literally thousands of properties awaiting Heritage Tasmania assessment, it's no wonder built heritage in Tasmania crumbles and get's demolished. No amount of words or spin are going to change the perception that the Tasmanian Heritage Council doesn't care less. What they do make clear is that they are just another Government department bogged down in bureaucracy and demonstrate no real strength when it comes to protection of our built heritage.

The former Burnie Paper Mill in it's day employed thousands of people. Since it's closure in 2010, the future of the vast site remains uncertain.

The former Art Deco Government Printing Building is due to be demolished as part of the Parliament Square redevelopment in Hobart

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