Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Beautiful Brutalism - The Most Original Architecture in Tasmania

Tasmania has some fine examples of Brutalist architecture, and whilst the capital can lay claim to substantial examples of this period such as the Government Lands Building, the State Library Stack (heritage listed) and 10 Murray Street (currently being demolished) other towns throughout Tasmania have their fare share of concrete design.  Launceston in the North of the State has a population of around 100,000 and for a small town has some very notable examples.  As those of you who visit my blog and Instagram page (

I have been showcasing Henty House Government offices, as my photography has been published in an exhibition in Europe and a publication SOS Brutalism: A Global Survey and as such have been going through my archives and making new photographs.  It was great to be contacted and be part of this project. I am looking forward to getting a copy of the book, its over 700 pages of Brutalism from all around the world.  I am proud Tasmania is part of the book.  If you are interested in the publication you can check it out here -

Another notable building I love in Launceston CBD is the ANZ Bank, originally designed for TAA Airways.  I have always loved the clean refined lines of the design and the windows are reminiscent of an airliner.

For me Brutalism is such an original design.  They don't mimic the past, they are original and honest in their material and design.  They add to the rich landscape of Tasmanian architecture and as such provide a glimpse into our built and social past. At a time when Brutalism is being demolished or altered I think of no better time for such publications as SOS Brutalism being published to raise awareness of this period that largely goes misunderstood by the general public.

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