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This major photographic project documents 20th Century Modernism throughout Tasmania. Join me, Thomas Ryan, on a photographic journey as I document Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism through the camera lens. Art Deco, Inter-war, Post War, Brutalism,are just some of the styles I document in this fascinating period in Tasmania's built history.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

10 Murray Street Government Offices - Hobart

 Here is a recent shot from a series of photographs I've been making of the 1960s Government offices in Hobart, 10 Murray Street.  You can check out my ongoing project of 10 Murray Street on my website here on my website http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/10m/


  1. Great pics. There are some really interesting angles in there. I love taking photos of that building. I like the one with the Print Building in the foreground and am kicking myself I didn't take more pictures of that before they blocked off access & demolished it. Did you ever take any other pictures of it?

    1. Hello thesleepydwarf - yes I did take photos of the former Government Building before it was demolished. You can check them out under my Tasmanian Modernism project under "Government" buildings here http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/Index