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This major photographic project documents 20th Century Modernism throughout Tasmania. Join me, Thomas Ryan, on a photographic journey as I document Tasmanian 20th Century Modernism through the camera lens. Art Deco, Inter-war, Post War, Brutalism,are just some of the styles I document in this fascinating period in Tasmania's built history.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Abandoned country town hall

This design is typical of many town halls throughout Australia and Tasmania. The front part of the building would date I imagine from the very early 1900s whilst the rear addition would be mid 20th century. This hall was part of a complex that included a Modernist church.  Check out other civic buildings and more in my 20th Century Tasmanian galleries on my website at http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Tasmania/Index


  1. The horizontal lines of the annexe and the vertical lines of the hall make the most fabulous composition.

  2. This hall was part of a complex that included a Modernist church but not, I assume, while it was operating as a town hall for ALL citizens. Can the building not be re-purposed now?