Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hobart Modernism - Commercial Tower Block

Whilst Hobart is one of the smallest capital cities in Australia, it has its fair share of high-rise commercial office buildings. After the Second World War Hobart experienced a major construction boom. Prior to the 1960s Hobart's tallest buildings would have been no higher than 2-4 stories. Whilst many of the tower blocks are not tall in comparison to other Australian cities, the construction of these buildings at the time dramatically transformed the city landscape.

This weeks feature building stands near the CBD on a busy artery road. I really enjoy this buildings lines and as it's painted white and stands alone as a tall building, it really highlights it's presence from many vantage points.

High-rise buildings contribute to cities being cities, and whilst Hobart and Tasmania suffers from a "ye old sandstone" ideology, there are many examples in Hobart, and throughout Tasmania, of High-rise tower blocks that have contributed to the progress of Tasmania.

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  1. it certainly has prescence...

    As far as your poll goes, well Thomas, it's hard to choose... I enjoy all of those styles of modernism. I'm going to pick residential purely because we lived in a wonderful modernist home for nearly 8 years - it was such a great house to live in.

  2. hehe I am undoubtedly part of "ye old sandstone" ideology. But only because I live in Melbourne where we have almost no colonial architecture whatsoever. Hobart has the best of both worlds.


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