Saturday, October 15, 2011

Telstra Building - One of Launceston's tallest 20th Century Landmarks

Move over, the big boys are moving in.....The Telstra Building is one of Launceston's tallest buildings and was built in the early 1970s.  I say "one of" the tallest buildings because the Myer Building would compete with it in terms of height. The views from the top floors over the city must be amazing.

A street view showing the height of the Telstra Building.  This day there as a brooding storm approaching which helped to emphasise the red bricks of the Telstra Building.  In the far right corner, Myer can be seen.

The Telstra Building dominates the skyline and towers over the early 20th Century Post Office clock tower.  The main facade of the Telstra building has interesting use of concrete columns that span horizontally and recessed  into the concrete are windows.  These elements make the building take on a fortress like impression, which is fitting seeing as it's holding all the telephone/Internet equipment that needs to be protected!  

The ground level has aluminium windows that highlight an interesting staircase.  Part of the front facade is adorned in white pebble concrete, and so is the rear of the building, take a look on a sunny day and the pebble/concrete mix shimmers in the sunlight creating interesting effects. 

The interesting use of pebble/concrete applied to the facade of the Telstra Building.  Mid 20th Century buildings used such material as a feature.

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